Our Values

Our ethos is embedded in collaboration, recovery and prevention.

We work for the client with the client. At The Recovery Place, we truly believe that anyone can achieve a successful recovery given the right support. We also believe in working towards prevention so that mental illness does not take hold in a person’s life.


We work collaboratively with our clients to achieve the very best results. At the Recovery College Greenwich, all our courses are co-produced with the students or peer trainers, people with lived experience of mental health. This makes for a truly collaborative experience that pays off in creating courses and an environment that support students to thrive.


We know that recovery is a process and we are with the client every step of the way from initial contact to full support throughout their journey. We value mental wellbeing for each and every one of our clients and we strive every day to achieve just that.


We employ expert, caring staff who are passionate about their work to ensure the client gains the maximum benefit from our services.