Partnerships at the heart of what we do

Partnerships are at the core of our work and together we flourish. We work in close collaboration with local authorities, clients, commissioners and community mental health groups in order to deliver our most cohesive service possible. Sharing knowledge and expertise, together we can deliver the most successful service to the client – the central reason we collaborate.


At our Recovery College, the success of the college is a triumph of partnership working. Working closely with the CCG and Greenwich Council, we have established strategic partnership relationships with MIND, SEEC, SEED and joint working relationships with drug and alcohol advice services including DrugLink and Blenheim CDP.


Our strategic partnerships have helped us to currently educate 1,000 students who have been attracted to our services since the college opened in 2013. Partnership working creates a platform for improving what the college offers and supporting integration across the Borough and longer-term sustainability.


We also showcased a highly successful collaboration in the Mental Health and Wellbeing Partnership of Greenwich consisting of providers of mental health services in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and delivered a well-received large event to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day 2015. The partnership continues to work together on key events in the mental health calendar including Mental Health Awareness Week and World Mental Health Day 2016 and beyond.