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The Recovery College continues to break new ground with their exciting development of educational courses.

The Recovery College provides a full prospectus of courses and workshops for people who are currently or have previously lived with mental illness. The range of subjects include practical skills for independent living through to vocational skills to help the learner move towards the workplace, all delivered with attention to the wellness and wellbeing that comes from attainment.

From the popular allotment project where students learn to plant, grow and seed, to the knitting course where students are busy knitting outfits for new babies at the local maternity unit, there’s something for everyone. With over 1,000 students enrolled to date and more joining every day, courses are continually developed and created to meet a diverse range of students.

Peer trainers, students who have been through the College and have been trained up to deliver courses, are tasked with leading classes now in a move to encourage progression for students.

In the current academic year (September to now) there have been 63 courses co-produced and delivered by the peer training team. These courses are generally a two-hour session, once each week for six weeks.

Including newly qualified peer trainers and those still undergoing their peer trainer training program, a total of 15 peer trainers have been engaged in this work in the academic year to date.

Browse our current prospectus and find a course to suit you or your client’s needs.

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