What we can do

There’s no short cut to dealing with mental health problems.

We wonder what progress would be made if we put mental health on a par with physical health when we are supporting people on the difficult road to recovery. We believe there is a better way to providing the services that people desperately need.

Recovery is a complicated process and requires bespoke support tailored to each individual. At Bridge, we tailor that support and are experts in supporting people with mental ill-health to find meaningful recovery in their lives. We are uniquely placed to be delivering services which cater to every aspect of recovery.

Much has been evaluated as to what compromises successful recovery, and findings suggest mental and physical wellbeing, activity, education and purpose in order to thrive, to be at its core. The Recovery Place has been created to ensure people are able to access quality support within their community to enhance their mental wellbeing.

Our Recovery College, the first of its kind to be hosted within the heart of the community, delivers educational courses to improve recovery and provide meaningful activity and purpose for our students. The College is led by a steering group including practitioners and people with lived experience of mental health. Each course at the college is co-designed with our peer trainers, people with lived experience of mental health. Collaboration is the founding ethos of the college so we create the most suitable courses for students. Our experienced team ensure each student is supported on their journey through the College.

At The Recovery Place, we can also design a unique course for you and your business to expertly train you in Mental Health First Aid, to increase health and wellbeing in your workplace. Mental Health First Aid is an educational course which teaches people how to identify, understand and help a person who may be developing a mental health issue.

The Recovery Place can design a Mental Health First Aid course tailored for your business so that you too can save lives and deliver a cost-effective service.

In addition to the specific courses mentioned above, The Recovery Place can tailor a bespoke package of training and workshops for all the wellbeing requirements of you or your business. Contact Us today to find out more.