Promoting hope-inspiring relationships

The Recovery College

Recovery is a deeply personal, unique process, and there are many paths to the life well lived.


We recognise and value difference, so we try to provide courses on a range of subjects to match people’s interests.


We aim to support people recognise and develop their own resources in order to take control of their own lives.  To do so, we focus on strengths rather than problems. All our services are designed to promote wellbeing, recovery and social inclusion.


It's not just learning; it’s learning about you.



Located below The Recovery College, Stir is a cafe with a difference. Run by Bridge Support, a mental health charity with a focus across the Greenwich Borough, Stir is a social enterprise at heart. We believe in good mood food, so anything you order on our menu is going to work towards ensuring you have a balanced body, mind and emotions.


We work to include fresh produce organically grown in our local volunteer allotment in our meals, wherever possible, even our coffee beans get locally sourced from a family-run business.


Best of all, Stir is staffed by volunteers, who can get the work experience and confidence they need before re-entering the workplace for good. At Stir, our focus is creating balanced bodies, minds and emotions while serving up delicious, wholesome food.

Mental Health First Aid

Most of us are more than capable of noticing when someone is in physical distress or struggling with physical hurt. But not many of us are equipped to discern or help when someone is in mental distress or facing a mental illness.


We are aware of this shortcoming and think we've found the solution in the form of training you in mental health first aid.


The course can be tailored to your specific workplace and helps to teach people how to identify if anyone may be struggling with, or developing, a mental health issue. It also aids in assisting workers in understanding the complexities involved in working alongside someone who may be suffering.