CHIME workbooks

CHIME – CHIME self-assessment tool.

Connectedness workbook – Connect to yourself, others and your community.

Hope & Optimism workbook – Cultivate hope for the future that things can be better.

Identity workbook – Develop a positive identity outside of being a person with a mental illness.

Meaning workbook – Find a sense of purpose in your life.

Empowerment workbook – Take control of your life.

Coping Skills

C.I.A Model workbook – a stress management technique for helping to put things into perspective and re-establishing a sense of control.

Coping Thoughts workbook – positive statements encourage us and help us cope through distressing times.

Habit Formation & Behavioural Change

Activity Scheduling – a great tool for combating passivity and for establishing a routine.

Exercise Motivation workbook – Train the mind to train the body. Examine your own attitude towards exercise.

Personal Development

Learning workbook – Examine your own attitude towards learning.

At the heart of health Realising the value of people and communities – This report explores the value of people and communities at the heart of health, in support of the NHS Five Year Forward View vision to develop a new relationship with people and communities.

How to look after your Mental Health – Mental health is about the way you think and feel and your ability to deal with ups and downs.

Mental Health and Housing – A project to identify which types of supported accommodation successfully meet the needs of people with mental health problems in order to recommend effective housing solutions

No decision about us without us – A guide for people who use mental health services, carers and the public, to accompany the implementation framework for the mental health strategy

Recovery College Greenwich Evaluation report – An Evaluation of the Greenwich Recovery College

The five year forward view for Mental Health – A report from the independent Mental Health Taskforce to the NHS in England