CHIME framework

At the Recovery College, we work within a framework called CHIME.  Working within a framework ensures we bring the principles of recovery to the learning environment, and the effectiveness of what we do can be measured.  This gives students reassurance that what we do is evidence based.

There are five things we believe that all people need in their lives, no matter who they are, how old they are or where they’re from.  We call them the CHIME factors: 

The CHIME framework is as follows:

Connectedness Having good relationships and being connected to other people in positive ways. Characterised by: peer support and support groups; support from others; community.
Hope & Optimism Having hope and optimism that recovery is possible and relationships that support this. Characterised by: motivation to change; positive thinking and valuing success; having dreams and aspirations.
Identity Regaining a positive sense of self and identity and overcoming stigma.
Meaning Living a meaningful and purposeful life, as defined by the person (not others). Characterised by: meaning in mental ‘illness experience’; spirituality; meaningful life and social goals.
Empowerment Having control over life, focusing on strengths, and taking personal responsibility.