In the business of hope

About Us

At Recovery College Greenwich, we like to think we are in the business hope. Hope…believing that things can get better. We see recovery as a journey, and we are but a staging post on people’s journeys. Hope is the starting point of recovery.

How We Work

  • Educational approach – building self-efficacy by challenging and changing student’s belief in themselves. 
  • Hope-inspiring relationships – relationships are central to hope.  If you find it hard to believe in yourself, you need others to believe in you. 
  • Co-production lived experience leading the way in the design and delivery of activities. 
  • Peer Support – knowing other people who have been through similar difficulties with their mental health and have gone on to live satisfying and fulfilling lives often provides hope for those who are starting out on their recovery journey
  • Focus on the here and now – it’s the only place you can make change.  No amount of guilt/regret can change the past.  No amount of anxiety can change the future. 
  • Self-management encouraged and facilitated – taking responsibility and control of mental health and life.  
  • Strengths identified – they represent the real person. 
  • Goal setting to establish a sense of direction/purpose – assisting students to build future aspirations. 
  • Community links and future options explored – engendering a sense of community and belonging.  Encouraging students to play full roles in society.