What is a Recovery College?

There has been a shift in mental health services from an emphasis on treatment focused on reducing symptoms, based on a medical model, to a more holistic approach which takes into consideration wellbeing, recovery, social functioning, and quality of life.

At Recovery College Greenwich, we take an educational rather than a clinical approach to improving mental health and wellbeing.  We believe people are the experts on their own experience.  We aim to support people recognise and develop their own inner resources in order to take control of their own lives.  To do so, we focus on strengths rather than problems.  Put simply, we see the person, not the diagnosis.

You can read more about our way of working here.

Who can attend the Recovery College?

Our courses are open to anyone aged 18+ residing in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

However, while the Covid-19 restriction limit us to on-line only classes – and in common with many other recovery colleges – we are open to everyone who can connect via the internet.

What do you offer? 

Whether you’re interested in learning a new skill, connecting with others, focusing on your personal development, getting job ready or being more physically active we offer a range of different courses.

Courses offer a safe and supportive learning environment to explore what recovery and wellbeing means to the individual. All our activities try to inspire hope and build self-efficacy to help people to lead full and meaningful lives, and through self-management deal with life’s up and downs. You can see a full listing of our courses here.

Check out our resources page to see a sample of our course workbooks.

Note: courses are being offered via Zoom and Moodle. To access courses, individuals will need a device (computer, tablet or smartphone) with an internet connection. 

How much do the courses cost? 

The courses are free but you must enroll before attending. 

How do I enrol?

Please email the College at recoverycollegereception@bridgesupport.org or phone the College on 07712 924120 / 0208 294 7909 to enroll.

What happens at the enrolment appointment? 

The enrollment appointment is an opportunity for you to find out more about us and what we do.  We don’t ask for a diagnosis at enrollment, we want to know about you, what your strengths and interests are, and how we can best support you in your life.   

In advance of the enrollment appointment, it can be helpful to identity your reasons for wanting to engage with the Recovery College, plus any specific aims or goals you might have in mind. 

Are your courses accredited? 

Courses are not externally accredited however; all our courses are designed to meet best practice standards in adult education and are internally verified to ensure high quality.

We work within a framework called CHIME.  Working within a framework ensures we bring the principles of recovery to the learning environment, and the effectiveness of what we do can be measured. This gives students reassurance that what we do is evidence based. 

You can read more about CHIME here.