Recovery College Greenwich

Illnesses don’t recover, people recover

We’re Recovery College, an adult education institution in Greenwich working with people with mental health problems to recover and to lead full and meaningful lives.  In mental health, ‘recovery’ means different things to different people.  Hence, we offer a range of wellbeing courses aimed at inspiring hope and supporting people to recognise and develop their own resources in order to take control over their lives.  To do so, we focus on a strengths-based approach.

Courses offer a safe and supportive learning environment to explore what recovery and wellbeing means to the individual, and to learn new skills, through self-management, to deal with life’s up and downs.

Likewise, promoting positive mental health is more than just about resolving problems and obstacles.  It is just as important to know how to live well as it is to know how to avoid or reduce the things that distress us.

We focus on prevention to help people stay well and flourish.  All our courses are co-facilitated by staff and peer trainers, meaning that there will always be a combination of professional and lived experience.

Mental health problems affect people of all ages from all walks of life so we try to reflect the wider community we serve.  What’s more being in the community, we promote social inclusion and support people integrate into society.  After all, recovery doesn’t happen in isolation; it happens in the community, and everyone has something to gain from a healthier, and more resilient society.

We try to provide the bridge back.

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