Bridging the Gap in Mental Health Service Provision

Bridge has had an article published in leading mental health publication ‘Mental Health Today.’ It talks about how Recovery Colleges around the country are bridging the gap in mental health service provision. Read more here: Mental Health Today Recovery Colleges article

Our Recovery College Greenwich offers a wide range of educational courses to aid students’ wellbeing. Our College was commissioned by Greenwich CCG who took the innovative step of placing the college at the heart of the community, rather than in an NHS building where most colleges take place. Students report a sense of wellbeing about being able to access our college in the community.

Peer trainers are also a big part of college life. Students who progress well are invited to train as peer trainers to learn how to lead groups and classes. Recovery Colleges all around the country are currently drawing on this vital resource of peer-to-peer support, which has been proven to be a big part of successful recovery.

In the article, we spoke to Recovery Colleges around the country about what works well for them and the results make an exciting and informative read. There has been a growing movement in the field of mental health recovery as recovery colleges have sprung up all around the country, proving there is a crucial need. More and more these colleges, including ours, are bridging the gap left by NHS services which, due to underfunding over the years, can’t always meet the long-term requirements to equip patients with the life skills and tools they need for a successful recovery.

Our Recovery College currently has over 1,000 students enrolled who all see the college as a vital part of their journey. Students report a sense of wellbeing and purpose through attending and the results speak for themselves as students progress to train as peer trainers and move into training and employment.

Read the full article here.

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